Hora is an installation born of a desire to give a visual and immersive echo to Ersilia, the work of Alvise Sinivia, accompanied by the artist David Drouard.

If Ersilia presents itself as a work combining movement and sound, where the integral commitment of the body is at the source of the music, it is this notion of "body-bow" that is Hora’s creative matrix.

Thus, Hora’s organic visuals interpret the visceral relationship of musicians with their instruments, performers with their environment. It is the "hands in the bowels" of the decomposed instrument that Alvise and David manage to desecrate and tame.

Echoing these resonant bodies, Hora intervenes in space and reconciles the antinomies: the virtual and the tangible, the technological and the organic. Hora’s body mutation is played out through the plastic and digital installation of Ersilia’s organicity. The sound and dance movements interact in real time through an audioreactive mapping. A kind of dialogue between space-instrument, and space-visual, whose common language would be the sound of vibratory notes.

Hora takes place in two forms: punctual performance where Alvise and David are physically involved in the work; and the trace of this performance illustrated by its sound memory.