The idea was to design silk squares on topics around the Eiffel Tower for its 130 years. We chose the square because it is a luxurious object that illustrates the Parisian trend worldwide. So we illustrated three themes: birth, enlightenment and science. In fact, the Eiffel Tower can tell many stories because of its age. 130 years is a sufficient and consistent age to have many stories to tell. Why was it created? In what context? How many times has it changed in color? For what events? What experiments were carried out on the tower? What discoveries have been made?

From the illustrations created for the squares, we made animations. In order to discover them, we propose augmented reality as a digital technique. Augmented reality is the superposition of reality and elements calculated by a real-time computer system. It often refers to the different methods that allow the realistic insertion of virtual objects into an image sequence.

The result: thanks to the animation and a link attached to the scarf, the person can come to animate his square and discover the history of the Eiffel Tower thanks to the application that allows to understand more the stories discussed. It is designed in three parts: the story, the square and the shop.